My Story

What I bring to my work goes beyond professional training and work experience. Personal life experience has a large impact on how I approach what I do and understand the sensitive issues presented. When it comes to encountering the unexpected and having to recalibrate in order to move forward, I’ve had my share. The most life-changing experience for me was losing my fiancé on September 11th. We were living together two miles north of the World Trade Center and set to be married in October 2001, but he never made it home that day. This very public shared traumatic event and sudden loss left me stunned and immobilized. It was the first time as an adult that I had no choice but to rely on others – friends, family, strangers and professionals - for support. It was a major set back for me both personally and professionally. But little by little I exercised my resiliency muscle and found my way to a healthy and satisfying life. Even our worst challenges can be reborn into opportunities and unwanted change can lead to positive growth. It may be hard and even seem impossible when faced with the unimaginable, but it can be done.