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Overcome Professional Roadblocks and Rediscover Career Satisfaction

~ A unique coaching workshop for professionals who are finding themselves at a stuck point in their careers or trying to rediscover themselves in their work ~

This dynamic workshop addresses the following common professional issues:

  • I've come this far in my career, now what?
  • I thought I was happy at work, but something seems to be missing.
  • Sometimes I feel like I'm on a high-speed train, and I just want to get off - But where will that leave me?
  • Without my job, who am I?

Participants will be able to:

  • Recognize any concerns or fears about a job or career change
  • Identify tactics and strategies in managing work-related transitions and challenges 
  • Reconcile personal values with professional goals and aspirations
  • Connect and network with other professionals each with their own insight and set of experiences

What people are saying so far:

"Previously, I had only participated in a coaching workshop in a corporate setting through my employer and wasn't sure what to expect approaching the process at a more personal level. These professional coaching workshops are a great experience for me as I begin to explore what I truly want. Karen is the perfect facilitator, guiding an open-dialogue group format with purpose and focus. The environment is just right for sharing thoughts and insights that are valuable to one another." ~ JG

"Karen's workshops offer a terrific forum to connect with other professionals at similar career points. The opportunity to share experiences, insights and ideas in a welcoming environment has already helped me in identifying tactics to support my own career transition." ~ ML

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